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Graphic Design Through 3d Modeling Pt.2

screenshot-2-web.jpgscreenshot-7-web.jpgI wanted to add a thank you page to my portfolio, something I could give to my family, and was interested in trying a workflow that spanned from rhino to illustrator. Frequently, we use the rhino “make 2d” function to convert a 3d model view into a 2d vector line drawing, and then import into autocad. Here I wanted to incorporate something that also included text. The curving form came from a generic branching script (tree of life?) with the boxes oriented perpendicular to the curve endpoint, like flowers that would contain various names.Once the shape was constructed in 3d, it became a matter of choosing an appropriate view and running the make2d command. Then bringing the vector lines into illustrator and adjusting lineweights and color. There’s some difficulty in continuing the inherent dynamism of a 3d model into a 2d drawing, but there are absolutely some great possibilities.


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