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Political Fever - Stump Speech Platform

speech_900.jpgLiterally three weeks after the studio lottery we had our first review. I’ll try not to post too much school work here, but since it’s pretty much all I do everyday and my twos of fans are clamoring for images, I present the first phase of our project - the stump speech platform. I was looking at the idea of an easily deployable core component structure that can be arranged in multiple configurations. The form that hangs from the structure can be adaptable to the situation, from the single expandable billboard of Barack Obama’s individual stump speech that can be unfurled for a rally, to the rolls of paper the candidates run through, when they face eachother at a debate. All the projects in the studio were really exciting and it will great to collaborate on ideas together. As we move forward, I hope to get more hardcore into the parametric and fabrication aspects of the project.


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