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New Business Cards

newbizcardss4w2.jpgA poor economy means two things…more networking and less spending. Thus a new business card was in order until the opulent days of the laser-cut business card return.

2 Responses to “New Business Cards”

  1. Business Card Design Idea Says:

    I like your business card! I love the pattern on the back of it. I’m a big fan of intricate patterns so yeah. I hope you don’t mind if i feature this on my blog. Actually i think I’ve seen your other business card design on somewhere on the web already. Great work really gets around.

    I looked around your blog and it’s really great. I’ll surely keep coming back here :)

  2. jackie Says:

    thanks for your kind words, BCDI. the design on the back is actually a wallpaper pattern from a photo i shot at a hotel in austin, tx (who knew?!). and we would absolutely be flattered to be featured on your web site. you have a great blog yourself!

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