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Where the Sea Stretches Forever

fip_aerial.jpgIt’s a shame that I am posting these Seychelles images out of chronological order; it would be so lovely to tell a mini-story of my trip. But Four Seasons’ images had to be done pronto despite being the third property I visited, and for whatever reason I was aching to edit Fregate Island Private’s images next.As the name implies, Fregate is a private island. The resort has just sixteen villas. The day we choppered in from Mahe was probably the clearest and bluest I’ve ever seen. Lucky me, I got to co-pilot (sitting next to the pilot while gaping at the view makes you co-pilot, right?). At this point I also find it necessary to attempt to explain the colors on these islands. They are too vibrant to be called brilliant. To put it another way: I’m not one to sit at a table and eat a three-course meal without at least the company of a good book or New York magazine, but here, the entertainment is free and it lasts all day and it never—NEVER—gets boring.


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