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Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control

fcaooc1.jpgWe turned my final submission for the Kinne Research Fellowship at Columbia into a big, beautiful book, published by Blurb. Jackie edited the original entries for an easier, more photo-focused flow (or because she thinks I talk too much). The electronic book can be viewed/downloaded on issuu, and if you want the unbridled, even-more-enthusiastic version, browse the original posts here. Also, definitely check out the interactive map that outlines the entire six-week trip after the jump. Now we just have to complete the second session in Mexico City. Fingers crossed we carve the time out this summer!

View Larger MapFast, Cheap, and Out of Control is research through observation: structures, installations, natural landforms, urban growth, and manipulated landforms constructed in the great blank slate of the Southwest desert. A place where time stretches from Planck’s constant—used to record the chain reactions that produce an Atomic detonation—to Robert Smithson brushing up against the infinite on the Great Salt Flats, all of which is tested and implemented under the powerful spell of the Western landscape—a strange entity mixed in with notions of nation and empire, bravery and myth, history and fiction.The result of a six-week exploration in the form of a road trip lies before you in an ambling, somewhat desultory first-hand narration of a nomadic journey across the desert’s offensively vast spaces. Situated between the region’s fragmented vignettes of activity, I attempt to resolve the disparate nature of the desert’s strange, isolated events into a coherent narrative.Hopefully.

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