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samb1.jpgMy good friend, the awesomely-talented Samantha Brooks recently asked me to help her out with an identity project that was so specific that it tailored to a single recipient. DailyCandy was searching for a new Los Angeles city editor, and being that Samantha was the perfect fit, she had the spectacular idea to market herself as though she were the highlight of one of DC’s email newsletters. If there are two things I know about Samantha, it’s that she loves LA and she loves pink, so it only felt natural to create a resume that included her city’s skyline and pink heart-shaped sunglasses—both in a watercolor style that mirrors the famous DailyCandy girly aesthetic. With the job application requiring a lengthy edit test, the concept grew, and each section received its own signature style. For instance, an article on a lingerie boutique flaunted a red treatment, with a sexy little brassiere replacing the sunglasses. We had a blast creating this project…and the best part? She got the job! Congrats, Sam!


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  1. Karen Nicolas Says:

    Well done, Jackie! These look great!

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