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Upping the Dosage

580carroll2.jpgAnother of my projects for Archidose blogger John Hill’s new book. This is 580 Carroll, a super-sexy residential building in Park Slope by Enrique Norton. Being that it comprises an entire block, I had two facades to shoot and I still can’t decide which is more fun. Although, granted, one facade is open to the street and another is blocked by an imposing (yet ultra-modern and well-designed) fence that required acrobatics rivaling my cheerleading days to get a decent angle.

There will eventually be a good number of these Archidose projects on here. Consequently, I’m curious to see how long I will continue to work the word “dose” into the headline. I’m willing to put an ungodly amount of time into googling words like “dose,” “dosing,” and “dosage” so it’s fair to say I will likely succeed in going the distance. 580carroll6.jpg580carroll3.jpg580carroll1.jpg

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