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Taking Cover

seychelles_cover.jpg The older I get, the less I care about the holidays. It’s a simple fact of life that a Barbie Dream House just can’t brighten my life the way it once did. That said, I got the best gift ever this year when I came home from my holiday to see a stack of Robb Report’s January issue featuring my cover photo and feature story on Seychelles. Spreading the magazines out on my kitchen table like a nerdy little boy with his favorite Magic cards (remember those?!), I swear I felt a flicker of those elated heart palpitations I used to know so well. Happy New Year, everyone!

seychelles-1.jpgseychelles-2.jpgseychelles-3b.jpg seychelles-4.jpgseychelles-5.jpg seychelles-6.jpgseychelles-7.jpg seychelles-8.jpgseychelles-9b.jpg

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