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Shaken, Not Stirred

goldeneyediptych1.jpgOne of the first trips John and I ever took was waaaayyyy back in 2002 when I won a free six-night stay in Jamaica in a raffle at my freshman-year college dormitory. Ten years later, I headed back for work and literally nothing looked the same, except maybe the jerk stands and one or two roadside goats. Sadly, theĀ RenaissanceĀ Grand Hotel we stayed at so many years ago is no longer in operation, so I checked in at the newly renovated GoldenEye instead. To say the resort is a bit nicer than my previous stay’s digs is a serious understatement. And the name isn’t just some dumb gimmick eitherā€”GoldenEye is located on the original estate of one Ian Fleming, who for decades spent several months per year in its quiet solitude working on his famed James Bond spy novels. The Fleming Villa is still intact as the resort’s largest accommodation, and even features the same desk over which Fleming toiled year after year concocting elaborate scenarios for 007 to narrowly escape. For those of us who aren’t die-hard spy fans, Panton chairs, driftwood sculptures, and outdoor bathrooms featuring claw-foot tubs aren’t too shabby eitherā€”perhaps even good enough for Mr. Bond himself.


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