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Flying High

_dsc2891b.jpgI have what I like to call a “realistic fear” of heights, which means I’m mostly fine behind a railing at Hoover Dam and I’m even okay sky diving, provided I’ve got an expert strapped to my back. But when it comes to peering over the edge of a towering mountaintop, the very real possibility of falling to my death instills in me a terror that results in vertigo and paralysis. So it only made sense to agree to an amazing week of heli-hiking with Canadian Mountain Holidays, where I climbed 9,000-foot-tall Mount Nimbus, tiptoed along taught cables over roaring rapids, and traversed mile-high swaying footbridges with many a missing step. Physically, I knew I was up to the challenge, but my mental limits were tested time and time again, and despite the occasional internal freak out, I became a regular mountain goat by the end of the week. Turns out, rappelling was the most relaxing part of the journey.

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