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Shagreen and Chandeliers

rivieralounged1.jpgThe aforementioned Oceania Riviera may be less for old-timers than most cruise ships, but what really sold me on the boat was its attention to decor. No vertigo-inducing carpet patterns, no stuffy staterooms with unflattering lighting, and no tacky artwork in the hallways (well, mostly, at least). Rather, a perfect mixture of stylishly of-the-moment and classically grand details made for a swimmingly successful design. Highlights included the Red Ginger restaurant with its explosion of color and chain chandeliers, a Lalique grand staircase, and an art collection that requires its own catalog. Sure, a few over-the-top details—like the funky LED-lit bar that my mom and I just couldn’t seem to stop hanging out in—scream “cruise ship!” but with just the right amount of gaudiness that every seafaring sanctuary needs.


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