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Wood Works

invites5.jpgI’m dying to share the details of our amazing African honeymoon adventure (here’s a hint: gorillas! gorillas! gorillas!), but first I just have to get the last bit of wedding fever out of my system and post our homemade wedding invitations. Having a guest list of only a dozen gave us the ability to put as much time and money into these invites as we wanted—and we didn’t skimp on either. Hoping to evoke a sense of the woodsy oasis that Lake Placid Lodge is, we set to laser-cut stained wood with an outline of New York state, and inside, included just the vital information—names, date, and location. Pressed between the top and bottom layer of wood (and peeping through the cut-out portions) were leaves gathered from Central Park. Completing the organic theme were recycled envelopes and custom stamps bearing a line drawing of a big, beautiful oak tree.


2 Responses to “Wood Works”

  1. thomas Says:

    congratulations to you both! superb invite design, though wouldn’t expect anything less.

  2. jackie Says:

    Thanks Tom! We’re so flattered to find you are still reading this ol’ blog.

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