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Down by the Bay

kalkbaydip5.jpgPost-Sandy cabin fever is setting in right about now so it only makes sense to drool over our photos from South Africa for the umpteenth time. I had already been completely in love with Cape Town from my previous trip, but our recent discovery of Kalk Bay between the city center and the Cape Peninsula has moved the region to the number one spot on my Places-I-Want-To-Live wishlist (sorry, Barcelona). Even if you pretend not to care about Kalk Bay’s close proximity to Cape Point and Boulders Beach (penguins!), this hip little beach town is out-of-control adorable, from the trendy oceanfront B&B we stayed at to the cool shops along Main Road. My only regret is that we weren’t able to stay longer—but, alas, we had a rigid itinerary that demanded we drink our way through the Cape Winelands.


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    I love the pic with the penguins. I have never seen a picture like that before.

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