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One Hundred Ways


I find it truly amazing that I’ve been to 12 of what Robb Report deems the world’s top 100 resorts. That means way more decadent dinners, drop-dead gorgeous suites, panoramic vistas, and mind-numbing spa treatments than I deserve. What I’m most pumped about though is the volume of my photography that made it into the article—from the bush of South Africa to the vineyards of Chile to the beaches of Mexico and Seychelles—even my hyper-critical self can’t help but sit back and sigh contentedly at these pages! more»

Island in the Sun

rr2.jpgrr1.jpgPerhaps the royal couple can be blamed (or credited) with the incredible amount of coverage that Seychelles is getting lately. Or maybe it’s just one of those best-kept secrets that’s no longer much of a secret. Whatever the reason, I’m seeing the African isles everywhere this month—on the cover of Budget Travel, in the latest issue of Islands—and don’t forget my honeymoon destination piece in this month’s Destination Weddings and Honeymoons. And though Robb Report appears to be on-trend by including two Seychelles resorts in its November private islands feature (written and photographed by yours truly), the magazine was actually quite the trailblazer for this of-the-moment destination when they ran my feature on the future of this pristine island-nation back in January. more»

Honeymoon Central

hmoonquests1.jpgI swear it is one big coincidence that the November/December issue of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons magazine featuring two of my articles—one about honeymoons for adventurous couples and another on island-hopping in the Seychelles—just happens to coincide with my own engagement. It definitely gives the impression I’ve had nuptials on the brain for some time. True or not, at least John and I can rest assured that I’ve done my homework for one seriously awesome honeymoon. The wedding? That might be a bigger challenge. more»

Taking Cover

seychelles_cover.jpg The older I get, the less I care about the holidays. It’s a simple fact of life that a Barbie Dream House just can’t brighten my life the way it once did. That said, I got the best gift ever this year when I came home from my holiday to see a stack of Robb Report’s January issue featuring my cover photo and feature story on Seychelles. Spreading the magazines out on my kitchen table like a nerdy little boy with his favorite Magic cards (remember those?!), I swear I felt a flicker of those elated heart palpitations I used to know so well. Happy New Year, everyone! more»

North Star

NI.jpgAnd now for the second piece I wrote and photographed for Robb Report’s October villa round-up. Now off to enjoy a much-needed vacation in Austin; it’s no North Island, but I’ll take what I can get!

One More Time

bob102.jpgWriting the same article twice is definitely a test in creative mettle. Luckily I had eight hours of uninterrupted work time in the form of a CDG-to-JFK flight to knock out my second piece about the One&Only Cape Town for Robb Report’s 2010 Best of the Best issue. It was even enough time to write my article about the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles for the same issue. Such productivity! And I still managed to watch the barely-entertaining, often-embarrassing duo of Ricky Gervais movies so thoughtfully chosen by American Airlines. more»

A Soupçon of Maia

maia3.jpgI only spent a few hours at Maia Luxury Resort & Spa—glorious though they were. During my site inspection, I was taken to the villa at the very top of the granite peak on which the resort is located. It was rather amusing as my guide and I sat on the edge of the outdoor bathtub, silently watching the sun ebb its way toward the horizon for a good three minutes. He didn’t seem to think it was anything out of the ordinary though so I can only deduce that two strangers in a tub is a pretty common occurrence over there. more»

Desroches Island

desroches_villadeck1.jpgThe first stop on my trip was Desroches Island. It was, in many ways, my favorite stop. There was the plentitude of water sports (snorkeling with sharks! I caught my first fish! hydrobike?!), the four-bedroom villa of which there weren’t enough nights to test each bed, and—the real kicker—the willingness of the staff to go running with me at 6 AM. Now that’s dedication to your guests. And damn, we don’t have that kind of humidity in New York, so I must say that they kind of kicked my ass too. more»

They Pointed Us North

ni_deck16.jpgOnward with the Seychelles! My final stop was North Island where I stayed in Villa 11, the 5,000-square-foot behemoth that led to my intense claustrophobia upon returning home to our one-bedroom apartment. (Incidentally, I had always considered our place to be quite large, especially by New York standards.) If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say the villa’s deck alone was probably equal to five of our apartments, which is why I spent most of my time there. It’s also why an unnecessarily high percentage of my photos from this little island feature that spot as well. More to come as I’ve done a dreadful job of chronological organization and this is by far not the end of my film (well, digital) trail. more»

Where the Sea Stretches Forever

fip_aerial.jpgIt’s a shame that I am posting these Seychelles images out of chronological order; it would be so lovely to tell a mini-story of my trip. But Four Seasons’ images had to be done pronto despite being the third property I visited, and for whatever reason I was aching to edit Fregate Island Private’s images next.As the name implies, Fregate is a private island. The resort has just sixteen villas. The day we choppered in from Mahe was probably the clearest and bluest I’ve ever seen. Lucky me, I got to co-pilot (sitting next to the pilot while gaping at the view makes you co-pilot, right?). At this point I also find it necessary to attempt to explain the colors on these islands. They are too vibrant to be called brilliant. To put it another way: I’m not one to sit at a table and eat a three-course meal without at least the company of a good book or New York magazine, but here, the entertainment is free and it lasts all day and it never—NEVER—gets boring. more»

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

fs_duo.jpgJust returned from two glorious work- and fun-filled weeks in the Seychelles, where I visited five islands and six resorts. First up is the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, which opened last February. I’ll be swimming in photos for the next week or so…more to come! more»