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Auld Lang Syne

polarbears.jpgI spent New Year’s Day equal parts thrilled by and terrified for a crazy pack of human polar bears as they plunged into the freezing Atlantic Ocean in Coney Island. I had to choose between grabbing my camera or stripping down and joining the madness. I was in no way intoxicated enough for the latter, so focused on these lovely ladies while practicing the former. Let’s take a moment to marvel at the fact that this was actually their third—yes, third—venture into the Nordic-like waters that day. I’m shivering at the thought. Happy New Year, everyone!

Cay Club

fowlcay12.jpgSlowly working my way out of a serious backlog of photography from a summer spent almost entirely in the Caribbean. As tempting as it is to cluster everything into one super-beachy post, I just have to give the Bahamas’ Fowl Cay Resort its own post—if not for this ridiculously adorable (and donkey-sized, I might add) swimming pig, then for overly outgoing iguanas, friendly nurse sharks, and one of the most evocative paintings of a fisherman I’ve ever seen. more»


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