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No Need to Debate

book6.jpgSuper-talented John managed to get Lion in Oil a nice little shout-out in the new book Designing a Digital Portfolio. The author, Cynthia L. Baron, contacted John several months ago about his myriad portfolios and records of work, including his gracefulspoon web site and online portfolios on issuu. John does an eloquent job dissecting the future of the portfolio on his own blog, so I’ll just let it suffice to quote Baron in saying “Locke’s creativity is not debatable.” True that! more»

Academy Awards Preview Magazine

aapreview_cover.jpgaapreview_toc.jpgaapreview_spreadpicture.jpgWe were contacted on a Thursday morning, signed a contract that afternoon and went live with a redesigned website and magazine the following Tuesday. Every year, in anticipation of the Academy Awards, Homemade Media, Inc. publishes Academy Awards Preview Magazine.Filled with information from industry insiders, the preview magazine includes not only a listing of all nominees for the major categories, but also subjective factors that forecast trends and seek to handicap the races, as well as strictly editorial content. The magazine is read and used as a reference by journalists and the general public.The previous issues of Academy Awards Preview had a muddy overall graphic identity and the raw data was presented in a confusing and narrow manner that prevented it from reaching a greater audience. The primary objective of the redesign initiative was to provide a cohesive visual identity and give the publication a lighter, funner identity that would make a handy companion to the academy awards telecast. The challenge was working within a tight timeframe to make the data and editorial content, firstly, legible and also aesthetically pleasing. more»

CSS Zen Garden: Bomb Submission

Graffiti_Zen_Garden.jpgCSS Zen Garden is a wonderful web site that exhibits the control one has over the aesthetics of web design using CSS. Designers across the world are encouraged to submit new designs using the identical content of the original site. This is one such submission entitled Bomb.