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Just Desert

promontory1.jpgCheck out a more readable version of the Las Vegas home tour I wrote for Robb Report’s November 2009 issue here. more»

In Treatment

spafeature1.jpgThis feature I wrote covering spas from around the US is a bit of a downer for me. The layout: gorgeous. The properties: amazing. The writing: if pressed, I’d have to go with pretty damn good. The problem? It was scheduled for the October issue of Vacation Homes magazine that never made it to newsstands before shuttering for good. Although it may never see the light of publication, at least I can revel in its glory on LIO. more»

Cool Pools

grandopenings555.jpgThis is the piece I did for Robb Report magazine covering the Four Seasons and Grand Wailea pools in Maui, both of which opened (or reopened) over the summer. I plan to look at this photo every day for the next, oh, six months to combat the imminently approaching NYC cold. Link to the online article is here.

Kitchen Quartet

boffi555.jpgContinuing the extravaganza of written work is a home gallery I did for Robb Report about Boffi, an Italian kitchen and bathroom manufacturer. I find it much too difficult to gauge the quality of a kitchen or bathroom system without experiencing it firsthand and so decided to visit Boffi’s booth at ICFF back in May. After about three hours of meandering through/getting sidetracked by vendor after fantastic vendor, I finally realized Boffi was only participating “in spirit” so to speak (in other words, solely within the confines of their SoHo showroom). I shuffled on over to Greene Street and made it just in time to catch the end of their event—and one of the last glasses of champagne. In the end, it was definitely worth sorting out the confusion though; the products were much more amazing in person than I ever could have gathered from photos or renderings.

Top Winter Retreats

winterspas.jpgI wrote a couple of pieces for Robb Report’s Winter Wellness compilation including the Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas and Singita Lebombo + Sweni in South Africa. Both may be familiar from photos posted here earlier this year. You can check out all 20 of Robb’s winter getaways here. Oh, and as a warning, I was swamped with articles right before we left for Hawaii so there may be a slight deluge of written work overshadowing design work in the next few posts.

Stable Value

gardner1.jpgThe avid LIO reader (if such a person exists) may remember this home in Stamford, Connecticut, from when I photographed it last year for Vacation Homes magazine. After months on the editorial roster, the editors ended up asking me to write the article as well. The owner of the home, Francine Gardner, is an interior designer who owns the Interieurs showrooms in Soho and West Hollywood. I love what she did with this house, an old stable for the Vanderbilt family, as she somehow managed to hold on to the historical aspects that make it unique (its single-story, U-shape layout and original stone walls, for instance) and at the same time create a very contemporary atmosphere. more»

One Love

onelove2.jpgThought I would post my article for the One&Only Cape Town resort that ran in the August issue of Robb Report magazine. The full, more legible article is online here. I was quite pleased with the way the photos correspond with the text—although, apparently, my editor now thinks I’m some sort of lush due to my opening paragraph.


duravit.jpgHere’s the article I wrote about bathroom design company Duravit from the trip I took to Germany earlier this year. This ran in the May issue of Robb Report magazine and is the cause of my disturbingly intense knowledge of sinks, lavs, and showers. I also wrote a second piece for Robb Report’s Best of the Best issue, which you can view online here if you’re as in to home saunas as I apparently am.

Austin Spotlight

austin1_555.jpgThe article that I wrote during my trip to Austin back in January came out in the April/May issue of Vacation Homes magazine. A more legible version of it can be read on Vacation Homes’ web site. I’d also like to point out here that John has not posted in nearly two months. Hopefully this public shaming will motivate him to share some of the amazing work he’s done during his final semester at Columbia! more»

The Highline

highlinesl1c.jpgWe’ve changed a few of our categories to reflect the kind of work we’ve been doing over the past year. Obviously school has been a huge part of John’s life so that was long overdue. I’ve also recently become a tiny bit of a writer, and so thought it might be a good idea to add a written work section as well. Here’s an article that I wrote for the February issue of Vacation Homes magazine about some of the new developments going up along the High Line in West Chelsea (Section One opening in June!). more»